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What Is A Cowboy Church?


This is an overview of the Cowboy Church Of Cooper Creek and is consistent with the model advocated by the Texas Fellowship of Cowboy Churches and American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches.

CCCC Mission—To reach those who have not received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and those who do not attend church, for whatever reason, in the western/cowboy culture with the knowledge of Jesus Christ and provide a church home where they can become more like Christ.

This is a narrowly defined mission to reach a people group that has not been reached in large numbers by the traditional church. The mission is narrow by design and without its tight focus we will not reach these people in large numbers.

Culture—Who is in the Western Culture?

Working Cowboys make all or part of their living on horseback, they represent a small part of this population and they may be the hardest to reach.

Professional Rodeo Cowboys make all or part of their living on the rodeo circuit and again are very few in number.

Arena Cowboys and Cowgirls make his or her living somewhere other than the ranch or rodeo but they love arena activities such as team roping, barrel racing, team penning, ranch rodeo, sorting, cutting, play day, etc.

Cattle people may be large ranchers with hundreds or thousands of head or people who own a few cows or even one FFA steer. They may or may not use horses.

Horse people love horses, they may trail ride, western pleasure ride, show horses, raise horses, race horses or just have a few nags in the pasture and they may or may not care anything about a cow.

Cowboys at heart are people who just love the cowboy and what he stands for. They wear boots, jeans and cowboy hats, they listen to country music, have all of John Wayne’s movies and Capt. Augustus McCrae and Capt. Woodrow Call are their heroes.

Cowboy mentality people may be linked to the culture through their past, parents or family, they are people who live by a code, your word is your bond, an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, they may be electricians, carpenters, law enforcement officers, firefighters, business men, working folks, country folks, people who love the land, farmers, hunters, fishermen.

The further you go down this list the larger the number of people there are in the population. These are the people God has called us to reach that traditional churches seldom reach in large numbers.

Texan (and proud of it!)